Inner Ear Model

This inner ear model was created for practice treatments of vertigo for the Athletic Training Department. This is currently used in classes to this day, but we are continuing to work on improving the model.

Larynx Model

These models are currently being printed for Susana Keller and the Speech-Language Pathology Department. One of these will be given to each student in the class and they will be required to color them in. They are cheaper and more beneficial to the students than the ones you can buy online.

Students from the SLP 502 class (Medical Speech-Language Pathology) are excited to receive their very own larynx!


The green spinner on the left was reverse-engineered so that we could make spinners for Code Hounds.

Code Hounds is a week-long camp for children entering grades 5 through 7. They have the opportunity to learn coding and coding concepts. These spinners were created for activities during the camp and also as trinkets for the children to take home with them.

Loaded Dice

These loaded dice were printed for use by Brenna Curley and Leigh Nataro's statistics classes. They all hold a certain weight: 5 lead pellets for black, yellow and white, 10 lead pellets for red. The colors are representative of both the weight of the die and the number the die is biased towards.

Students from MATH 107 (Statistics) courses experimenting with the loaded die - they don't think they're fair!


Designed for Gloria Chibueze-Azinge for use in conflict resolution circles. Used as the centerpiece for one of these circles, each person will write their outward appearance and their qualities that do not come from their appearance on the back of a piece. Afterward, the puzzle will be put together to signify unification of the group despite their differences.

Communication Board

Designed for a speech-language pathology student for use as a tool for people who have hearing and/or sight impairments to practice communication. The goal is to build a kind of "sentence" from the words that the symbols on these blocks represent.

The top 5 slots in the board are reserved for the creation of the "sentence" while the rest are there for storage purposes. One must simply pick up the blocks they want and move them into the top slots to form their desired "sentence."

Current Projects

Below are a list of projects we are currently working on for the Moravian community:

  • Middle ear model

  • Greyhound-inspired iPad stand for Admissions to use when they are at events

  • During the next run of the 3D printing class (in Spring 2020), part of the class will be done with faculty from the Nursing Department, making assistive devices for real clients with disabilities

  • Working on a general system for converting images and text in PDFs to braille and raised surfaces for use by the Accessibility team for students with low/no vision

  • Developing assistive concentration devices for the Occupational Therapy Department to use with kids she is working with

  • Finger mould for a rubber finger that can hold a liquid. The finished rubber fingers would be worn so that nurses can practice collecting a sample of the liquid.

Projects out side of the Moravian community include:

  • Sundials

  • Hand-held fidget-spinner centrifuges for Chemistry

  • And numerous other objects for students, staff, and faculty!