Covid-19 Prints

We're producing scarce medical equipment for donation in response to the pandemic. Currently we're in production on face shields and stethoscopes.

face shield

face shields



Moravian students are literally working around the clock, balancing their school work with tending the 3D printers, so we can produce materials 24-7.

Willy, our night shift worker, checks to see the face shield fits an N95 mask.Evan checks out one of our stethoscopes.Brandon fixes one of our printers.  They've needed some help to run continuously.Riley loads the 3D printer with filament (the raw plastic).Mark balances homework with running the 3D printers.Shane sands the final product to remove excess plastic.Jeff, the faculty sponsor of Moravian's 3D printing team, works with one of the printers.

It's a community effort, with Moravian faculty, administration, and staff, many of them currently working from home, going out of their way to get us access to facilities on campus and funding for the project. Additionally, number of members of the local community have stepped forward to support the effort, using their own 3D printers to speed up production.

Jeff Bush, faculty adviser for Moravian's 3D printing team, lays out goals for the day.David Brandes, Moravian's CIO and the initiator of our 3d printing program, delivers the plastic for the face shields from New Jersey.Carousel imageCarousel imageBrian Althouse has added extra cleaning to his shift to keep our workplace safe.The clear plastic for the shields was cut by a plastic manufacture in New Jersey, despite many cases of covid-19 decimating their staff.While not a sterile facility, we use ovens from the Moravian Chemistry department to sanitize all our finished equipment before delivery.

Want to see more? Check out our FAQs or see the printers in action in an interview with our local PBS station.